Monday, July 21, 2008

First cuppa

First Cuppa (adjusted)

I adjusted the shadows in this piece as the scan below just didn't reflect the depth of values and was washed out. These colours are now very similar to the real life version of the sketch. I also adjusted the hairline, bringing it further down the forehead. Its still not perfect, but its better.

First cuppa
watercolour pencils, 9 x 12 140lb watercolour paper
copyright Jeanette Jobson

This is the last watercolour of the early morning trio. My cup of coffee to start my day in a giant anniversary Tim Horton's mug.

I'm not happy with the scan of this and can't seem to tweak the colours into good behaviour. I've also muddied the colours a bit. I wanted pure simple colours without too many adjustments but that didn't quite happen, so this may be a do over some other time. Watercolour can be one of the most difficult mediums to master and I am definitely no expert in it, but I enjoy seeing what I can coax out of the paper.

I rushed putting this together and the proportion isn't quite correct. I don't like the hand position and the shading isn't right in a lot of areas. But its only paper and always good practice to keep on trying.


Stacy said...

But this is my favorite of the three! I am drawn to the light side of your face and your left eye. The light really says early morning to me.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Stacy. Yes, the light is better on this one. Now if only the proportions were correct! :)

Anonymous said...

Call me nutty, but I like the exaggerated proportions. And love the warm light on your left side!

Billie Crain said...

love the giant cup! i know it's really a matter of perspective but it makes this portrait really stand out. well done. i like both versions actually!

Terry Banderas said...

I liked all of your versions of your early morning art. I really like the humongous cup of coffee and the hand is very good because you went oversize so the hand looks normal. Too many artists make hands too small. And I do agree with your other commentors about the cool ideas you come up with. And your latest post has to do with sports which surprises me since you dismissed hockey on my last conversation with you. On your scans--do you have Photoshop and do you use Auto Contrast/Levels? I do and it really does wonders to the image. Also--no one loses their watercolors, do they?????

Jeanette said...

Tracy, you know the more I look at it, the more I like the outsized proportions too!

Thanks Billie. It was a spur of the moment drawing, so I didn't pay much attention when plotting it out. Live and learn always. :)

Hi Terry. Yeah, me and sports are not the best of friends,but there are some sport that capture my attention. Just chasing balls around fields or a chunk of plastic on ice aren't some of them :) Besides, it is my job, so I have a vested interest sort of.

Yes I have Photoshop but don't use the auto levels as it never seems to look right, so I tweak a bit here and there. I'll figure out the right formula eventually. Its my least favourite part of art work.

Can you lose your watercolours? Heheh, yep, especially when you don't use them often. I did find them you'll be pleased to know, buried in my art cupboard.

Jo Castillo said...

These portraits are very fun and well done! Just love them. Then you mention Tim Hortons and my mouth waters for the coffee and the blueberry danish and the chocolate doughnut holes. Sigh....