Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Portrait update

Jimi Hendrix - update
graphite 11 x 14 on Canson
copyright Jeanette Jobson

It's funny how most people love the dead, once you're dead your made for life.
Jimi Hendrix

I've had the song 'Fire' in my head ALL day long after posting the video clip last night. But there could be worse things to be stuck in there.

I've done a little more on the Hendrix portrait. I've used crosshatching for most of this drawing. Hatching and crosshatching fill a lot of people wiith fear, but I just love the technique. In the initial stages it always looks odd and its not til you really start getting the values in place that you see it coming together. When its at this strange stage is when people abandon hope and bail out usually.

My Skooba Skin laptop case has arrived and I still haven't decided on a design for it yet. These bags can be decorated in any way I want, using permanent markers, paints, glued on decorations, stencils, pens, airbrush, needlework or anything else that is suitable for use on fabric. Decisions, decisions...Jimi Hendrix?? Nawwwww


Cathy Gatland said...

I don't know about strange stage - this is looking really good - love that smoky effect happening. In S.Africa we only got Woodstock a year or two after it happened, so I was a late Jimi fan (and much of his music was banned here!) but my 17 year old son and his friends are avid admirers 37 years on!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Cathy. Jimi always seemed to have a cigarette in his hands, wonder he could sing after all that smoke.

Isn't that interesting that his music was banned there and funny how kids are 'discovering' the classic music from years ago.

Robyn said...

He was so cool and you're doing him proud, Jeanette.

I love seeing your cross hatching.