Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Oils update

The lane to the marsh
Oils 8 x 10 on canvas
copyright Jeanette Jobson

I worked for awhile today trying to save the plein air painting I did the other day and am calling this one done now. The huge old pines in the background are mostly dead, but still soar into the sky, almost looking like palm trees at times.

I adjusted some colours from my initial one hour painting and tightened up a few areas. The water in the lane caused me problems. It went from looking like a puddle to a waterfall and back again several times before I tamed it sufficiently.

Oils are always an adventure for me because they are so very different than working with my usual graphite. They let some of my inner child come out in terms of moving squidgy paint around on the canvas and palette and getting messy. Having paint on the end of your nose or in your hair is a right of passage for artists. I always seem to manage both for some reason.


laura said...

I love the shimmeriness of the trees, and I don't know if it's a path or a waterfall--could be either, which is nice: to each her own! I used to try to paint in oils, but I painted them like watercolors, thin, with lots of turpentine! But you can get such soft, buttery tones--very appealing.

Jeanette said...

Thank you Laura. I may still tweak that path a little yet! :)

I love the texture you can get with oil paints, but I too, still use them too thinly most of the time.

vivien said...

I don't think you use oils too thinly - I hate them trowelled on for no good reason :>) My work may look textured, it is, but rarely very thick or deeply impasto.

This is lovely - the colours catch the light of a rainy day and the reflections in the puddles are beautiful - that pearly brightness - lovely work.

Jeanette said...

I'm trying to get a mix of thickness in my painting Vivien. I think it provides some interest and texture.

Thanks for your comments.