Friday, October 24, 2008

Fall exhibition

Its that time again.

My local art association is holding a fall exhibition and I'm putting a few pieces in. It really was a last minute decision as I was called by the President yesterday to participate in a television interview tonight to promote the exhibition. At that point I hadn't wrapped my mind around it and didn't even know what if anything I could put in. So I scrambled last night to find a few pieces and pop them in frames to be ready for the morning. I and a few other artists brought some pieces to give a sampling of what would be availableat the exhibit. Events like this help give coverage to the association and hopefully encourage the public to attend - and buy!

The pieces that I'm putting in are all dry media - ranging from a subdued coloured pencil cat piece to a landscape and a portrait done in charcoal. I find myself comparing my work to others at these events. My niche is shades of gray and usually not on a large scale. Being surrounded by some quite large colourful pieces can go either way. My work can become almost invisible in comparison or it can become a focal point due to its difference. I'm hoping it will be the latter.

With favourable interest in the sneak preview of my work to my peers, I'm hoping that the public will be interested as well and some pieces sell.

For those close enough to attend, it will be held at the Capital Hotel, Kenmount Road.

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vivien said...

good luck! and subtle is good :>)