Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oils SP update

Self portrait
oils on canvas 16 x 20

I've been fighting with this oil self portrait, but its starting to come together a little now. The eyes, oh the eyes...they're still not right, but I'm working on it. I think I've discovered a whole new set of Anglo Saxon phrases while doing this. I need to tweak some things, such as the hairline which is too high and to adjust the values of the lips. I haven't done much to the hand yet so its like a big blob there right now.

Getting a decent image of this is proving difficult too. If I turn on lights, it yellows, if I leave them off, it washes out. If I use flash, the wet paint just reflects the light. I haven't tweaked these photos, its natural light, or as best as it gets on an overcast November day.

I know what I have to do with this and progress is being made. Its just a little frustrating at times.

I'm taking part in a portrait swap at WetCanvas and have decided to work in charcoal for my contribution of my partner. At least for now. The drawing is going well and I do have four weeks to complete the piece before its shipped off, so I may have time to tackle a painting if I'm feeling especially brave.


Robin Neudorfer said...

This is coming along beautifully Jeanette. The outcome is worth your patience. I am watching in awe, as I don't have the courage to go there yet.

Jeanette said...

Thank you Robin. I'll keep at it til its right. However, your oil skills surpass mine any time, so no courage needed for you to tackle a portrait.

Anita said...

Just what Robin says - I find painting portraits incredibly hard. I'm toying with the idea of charcoal for the portrait swap too, but then again maybe I'll stick to what I know - graphite. I'm supposed to be working on a self-portrait too but not going there quite yet!