Monday, December 15, 2008

Another one?

Bisque Santa
5 x 8 Moleskine

I happened to be in the same store where I bought the bisque snowman ornament and this guy was the only one left. Same self colouring of bisque and of course I had to buy him.

I honestly haven't bought these just to draw them. I take them home and sit them on the dining table and early in the morning when I have my coffee they're still there. So is my sketchbook and pencil.

The rest is history. And I see that history doesn't make a great circle at 7am....


Anita said...

Where did you get these gorgeous decorations? They are lovely!
As are your drawings!
Would make wonderful Christmas cards!

Jennifer Rose said...

Both of the sketches are wonderful :D The would indeed make great Xmas cards.

Jeanette said...

I got them at Michaels of all places Anita. They are quite sweet - and were 60% off too. :)

I'll have to work on next year's Christmas cards this Christmas I think. I always consider it too late in the year.

I think we should have a dedicated Christmas card blog to get us all going - or me at least!

Jennifer Rose said...

A Xmas cars blog sounds like a good idea :D

Jennifer Rose said...

cards, not cars :p lol even though a car for Xmas would be nice :p

Mary said...

I would have never thought you got these at Michael's, they are lovely ornaments and very nicely rendered.

Robyn said...

I can see the appeal of these, both for drawing and decoration. Lovely drawing, and amazing for 7am!

A christmas card blog sounds like a wonderful idea!!!!