Friday, January 09, 2009


9 x 12 watercolour

This is a quick portrait of a friend's daughter which was painted mostly while I was on the phone with my friend. I had sketched the portrait last night then thoguht I'd see if I could get that special colouring that only redheads have.

I haven't finished the hand yet and will. The hair needs a little deepening in places but the rest will stay as it is. I don't think I was quite strong enough in the shadows of the sun across her face, as I was wary of going too deep and making it look harsh.

I'm starting to like watercolours again for portraits and just bought a big pad of watercolour paper, so I'm obliged to continue. Or that's my excuse anyway!


Anita said...

Its lovely and sunlit! super palette! I have blocks of watercolour paper - guess I need to get down to some serious water work if I go by your reasoning!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

The blue green is a good choice to offset the red hair.

I love portraits in watercolour. They always seem more sympathetic somehow

kay susan said...

This is VERY nice. I think you got it just right, any more and you would have been heavy handed!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Anita. Yep, this is the year to break out the big guns!

I love watercolour portraits as well Katherine. It was fun trying to get that colouring and not overwhelm the face. Complementary colours are always safe it seems!

Thank you kay susan. There's a fine line in watercolour between just enough and too much that's often difficult to find.

Jo Castillo said...

Lovely, Jeanette. You are great at waterolor portraits. It will be fun to see more.