Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Breakers II

Breakers II
watercolour & pastel 6 x 10

I've been moving more of the art supplies from the cupboard that was in the previous room I used down to my current studio which now has a big set of shelves in it. I'm sure these will soon be groaning under the weight of materials.

I unearthed a couple of boxes of pastels that I haven't done much with . The colours are so appealing though, just making me itch to use them. I had been setting up a new watercolour possibility in the handmade book I use for my Watermark projects and leafed through them.

Breakers was a watercolour I did a few weeks ago and while it shows the curl of the wave hitting the water and shore, I thought I'd add another dimension to it with the pastels.

They both appeal to me for different reasons. The watercolour paper in this book is very rough so both pastel and watercolour hit the peaks in the paper, giving a different effect depending on whether or not you blend them. The age old problem of getting a good image in artificial light remains to haunt me. No amount of tweaking seems to bring the colours or light to the state of the real image.


Stacy said...

I can't decide which of these I like better, but the addition of the pastels makes the surf look rougher. I can almost hear the crashing waves.

Billie Crain said...

the added pastels give this one so much more energy! i sympathize about the poor lighting. i've resorted to scanning which isn't much better.:(

Jo Castillo said...

These are great.

I understand about lighting. I got a new portable Daylight for Christmas. That helps a lot to get the colors. I actually got two,

I still to take photos of pastels in direct sunlight. Very little adjustment needed if any.

Anita said...

Oh that lighting problem! It sucks!
Aren't pastel colours just wonderful?
Really nice pieces. I particularly like the watercolour.

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