Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Coffee bean?

Coffee bean pendant

I was accidentally 'tagged' when I visited Sheona's blog today. She had a photo of a fat bumblebee on her site and I wanted a closer look, then I was it.

The rules are simple: take the 6th photo from 6th file on your computer/usb stick, whatever and blog about it.

My file turned out to be this little pendant that I made and had quite forgotten about. It looks like a perfect little coffee bean, brown with a little indentation down the middle, but in fact its a rock that I found on the beach here. Its a perfect shade of brown and so beautifully smooth. A man made piece could not replicate this little stone. I wrapped it in sterling silver to make it suitable for putting on a chain and haven't gotten around to posting it on Etsy - because I'd forgotten about it.

I won't name names so as not to cause stress. But if you're interested, consider yourself tagged and join in. Who knows what lurks in your hard drive archives...

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