Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Perceived difficulties

When I started an anatomy course years ago, the initial thought terrified me even if I wanted and needed to do the course. All those body parts and systems and interactions and names. How would I ever figure them out, let alone get them correct in an exam. But I did and did well with it.

This like many things that are unfamiliar to us seem daunting and are simply perceived as difficult. Once they are broken down into smaller parts and the understand becomes clearer, our comfort level increases and with it, our ability to function and perform within a particular area. The same applies to art.

There was a point when I was scared to death of using pen and ink. It seemed so permanent and unforgiving. I couldn't erase it and hide my mistakes.

Then I plucked up my courage and started playing with ink and different pens and discovered that it is a lot easier than initially imagined. This technique of pointillism is quite time consuming, uses a fine nib and, to me, is a very relaxing, soothing method of creating an image. I am by no means an expert in it, but I enjoy the process.

This piece was started some time ago and I rediscovered it during a clear out of a cupboard. I can still see a few areas that need tweaking to create perfect spheres, but for the most part its done and it makes me want to start another piece using this same technique.

Its on the list.


Vic said...

I love working in pen and ink, but as say it is unforving medium and difficlt to correct mistakes,even so much can be created with it, like your spheres. I use pontillism alot in my more creative work, big dots, little dots,broken lines,sqiqqles and wiggles all makes for more interest.

Robyn said...

Your patience is rewarded, Jeanette.

Jennifer Rose said...

that is beautiful :D you have done such a wonderful job getting those balls to look shiny

I love using ink :D especially pointillism. its so easy to get up a rhythm with making all the dots that time seems to fly by :)

Jeanette said...

Vic, in pointillism it is a bit more difficult to hide mistakes, but if its line work, errors can easily be covered with just more lines. Pen and ink always has a lovely look to it, no matter what the technique.

THanks Robyn. There is something therapeutic about drawings that take time to complete.

I need to find a finer nib Jennifer to really get the detail and shine for pieces like this. This was done with a .25 nib which is reasonably fine, but a 13 or 18 would be even better. I need another mailorder I think :)

Laure Ferlita said...

I always enjoy the contrast of seeing pointillism at a distance and then close up! This is a wonderful piece and I think your enjoyment shines through.

Valerie Jones said...

This is beautiful! When I first started as an artist, I used pen and ink. Your patience paid off on this piece!

Pat said...

Love your spheres. It looks like such fun and therapeutic. It really makes you sloooooow down and think.