Friday, June 19, 2009

Rustic drains

It was a very warm day and I managed to get 30 minutes to myself to go for a stroll in the early afternoon, trying to keep with at least some effort for my involvement in Sketchercise.

On the road to my house, there has been some reconstruction lately and one of the efforts was to update the ditch that drains water from wetlands on its journey to the sea. In the sections that had 'bridges' (read piles of earth and stone) new culverts were installed and the work crew made some rather nice little stone walls around the drainage pipes. this is one of about six little bridges created along the road and they caught my eye as the old fashioned method of creating a stone wall is unique these days with so much work being created in concrete.


Dors said...

Lovely Jeanette. always nice to have quiet time alone. Hope you enjoyed your stroll.

Jennifer Rose said...

I really like this :D really nice linework.

you can take classes here for dry stone stone dyking but its still a dying art :/