Friday, July 31, 2009

Awards and fish

At long, long last, the capelin are in and I have been given some, as I never have time to get to the beach and through the throngs of people there to capture my own. I don't like to eat them personally as I find they have a strong flavour but I have some fresh and some in the freezer for my gyotaku experiments when things slow down a bit.

I took some photos of the fresh fish and have some plans for a painting but that will have to be on hold until visitors have gone and I have some time to devote to planning it.

Maree Clarkson of Art & Creativity has so kindly given me the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you Maree! In return I am supposed to reveal seven things about myself and tag seven other bloggers. I have done this previously and don't know if there's a lot more about me that people don't know, however, I'll try. I won't be tagging other bloggers, as there tends to be some fatigue around memes and I think all other artist blogs are wonderful anyway!

1. I once drove from Tarragona, Spain to Andorra. And it snowed. A lot. Mountain roads. Say no more.

2. I hate taking off in airplanes and can't look out the window until we're levelled off.

3. I am addicted to coffee. It doesn't have to be full caff even, decaf's good. I just love the taste.

4. I adore donkeys and would love to have one. Or two, or three...

5. I love visiting old cemeteries and looking at monuments and headstones. Perfect drawing opportunities.

6. I have an emergency stash of imported German dark chocolate in my desk drawer at work.

7. I always use crystal glasses to drink from. Even water tastes better then.


Paulette said...

Yes crystal does wonders for water!

I see why you love the Savage cove rocks, so much character. All the versions are great, the sketch book pen and ink is my favorite.

The Flatrock drawing is really coming along beautifully.

Jennifer Rose said...

i love old cemeteries too. there is so much history to them and the carvings on the stones are so pretty, even when it they have started to erode.

Do you not have the space for a donkey? :)