Thursday, August 13, 2009

Production break

Moss covers the forest floor everywhere

The carnivorous pitcher plant is Newfoundland's provincial flower
and grows in damp, boggy areas.

I need to spend some time concentrating on art production and marketing for a few days. I have a deadline looming and a project not close enough to completion for my comfort. So I need to knuckle down, ignore the online world more or less, and just do some serious drawing and painting.

Sales are picking up for me which is good, and I have to produce to replenish stock for sale. I also need to do some marketing and administrative work. New business cards, greeting card prints, applications for grants, research and photography for a new project on local landmarks, etc. etc. There is so very much to do, but I would have it no other way.

So stay tuned, I will be back within the week! Meanwhile I'll leave you with some images that I've taken in my travels. This is the Salmonier Nature Park which has a wonderful wooden walkway through mossy forest and displays with indigenous animals along the way. These animals were brought to the Park as injured, unreleaseable animals where they live out their days in comfort.


Jo Castillo said...

These are beautiful, thanks. Hope you get all your work done in fine style! See you soon.

Charlene Brown said...

What a nice selection of pictures you've provided -- I love owls of any kind, moss all over everything (can't believe some people actually don't want it in their lawns!) and the best pitcher plants I've ever seen! Actually, I've never seen them in the wild -- and these look even more astounding than the ones in the carnivorous garden at the Botanical Gardens in Glasgow, my prevous favourites.
See you soon -- hope everything works out smoothly.

Jennifer Rose said...

love the owl picture :)

there is always so much work to do to help run a business that sometimes its hard balancing the work with the making of art

Robyn Sinclair said...

What are you doing reading these comments? Get back to work, Jeanette! ;)

Beautiful photographs - these could all be part of some fantastic exotic movie.

Unknown said...

Increased sales: most excellent!As Robyn rightly says: put your marketing cap on and get to work:))
(Your pics have only proved I'm right in believing you live in the most beautiful part of the world...)

Billie Crain said...

Glad to hear you're selling so well! That was the goal...right?:D Of course, now that your art is in demand it'll demand more of your time. There's the rub but what a nice 'rub'.

Btw, that photo of the owl is just begging to be painted or drawn. I hope you will decide to tackle it one day.

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you--I can definitely relate--so busy right now. Love the photos here.

visioneerwindows said...

Like the others say, terrific photos, especially the owl and those pitcher plants [wow, those indeed the best seen in a long time - very interesting plants they be]...