Friday, October 02, 2009

Northern Ireland

Listeen Road, Castlereagh, Northern Ireland

October's Virtual Paintout is in and around Belfast in Northern Ireland. I did a quick oil painting of a field in Castlereagh, outside Belfast. Compared to what was referred to as "The Troubles" in Northern Ireland, this peaceful pastoral scene provides a different picture.

I spent about a year in Ireland, mostly in the south in Cork, but I did travel all over, including the Aran Islands. I didn't go into Northern Ireland as it wasn't stable there then but knew a number of people from the north and still can pinpoint that musicial northern Irish accent that's so unique to that region.

I will be back to explore Belfast and the surrounding area and work on some more paintings. This was another 'use up what's on the palette' painting so my colours are limited and I need more browns and yellow in this. Perhaps I'll adjust it tomorrow.


Susan said...

Hi Jeanette,
I toured Ireland last May and visited Derry and Belfast. The history is everywhere, the accent is beautiful and eveyone I met was friendly. For all the troubles, the landscape is peaceful and green. A lovely place to paint.

Jeanette said...

Yes, its quieted down a lot since I lived in Ireland, thank heavens. And the greens of Ireland stretch on forever in the countryside.

Jennifer Rose said...

i really want to fly over there for a few days. the pictures I have seen are gorgeous.

great sense of the open fields and hills to your painting :)