Thursday, October 15, 2009

Tripod study

Its been nearly two years since Tripod decided he would befriend me and I thought its about time for another portrait of him.

I like to do a study first at times as a warm up to the portrait.  A study gives me a sense of the pose, the composition, size, palette and whether it will interest me enough to continue on to completion.  This is quick start at a coloured pencil sketch.  I'm not sure if I will use that or not.  I may even go with watercolour as I haven't used that for Tripod yet.  Or it may be back to pencil. 

I do need to try to get another couple of reference images of him, but he isn't that keen on the camera anymore.  I've tested his patience once too often with it and I get 'the look' when I pull out the camera.  I may be adventurous and do a really large portrait in colour this time now that I have my projector that makes scaling drawings up sooooooooooo much easier and quicker.

Despite his disdain for me and my efforts to immortalize him, he does translate well onto paper or canvas and I have drawn and painted him several times.  The first drawing of him sold and won me 'Best in Show'.  Tripod's only concern was that it would provide sufficient funds to keep him in tuna and dry cat food.


"JeanneG" said...

My dog Penny has all of a sudden decided she doesn't want her picture taken either. She used to sit so pretty and I got some really gorgeous shots of her pretty golden eyes but now she turns her head or just gets up and leaves.

Jennifer Rose said...

always like your drawings of Tripod :D the green here of his eyes is gorgeous :)