Sunday, November 08, 2009

The last kiss

I worked a little more on the watercolour of the candy and am calling it done for the moment in terms of showing work in progress.  I still have to firm up the lettering and deepen folds in spots but that's not a large job. I have enjoyed the process of painting these, but there are challenges as well in all those folds and creases.

I have a few other projects looming on the horizon and some preparation to get some prints and cards into being.  Its a task I've been putting off and putting off, but now I simply have to get moving on it.

There is so much I could do with my art if only I had more time to market and produce.  I will have to seriously look at time management and see what else I can fit into my day. I have a feeling lunchtimes will have to go by the wayside to give me time to make visits to galleries and other businesses.

I have a bonus of having November 11th, Armistice Day, off work.  Everything else is closed on that day too, but I can catch up on some projects.  Then on Thursday I go to Toronto for a few days on business.

Is life really meant to move at this quick pace?  Some days I feel as if I'll never catch up.


Gary said...

The last kiss sounds like a movie title. I really enjoy watching these kisses develop. You have taken up a difficult subject with all of the folds and creases. The lettering is so much like signage - ends up being my favorite part of a painting. Your touch with watercolor feels good.

Margaret Ryall said...

Dont't worry about not having much time when you are working. Sometimes the more you have to do the more productive you are. Since I retired from my job, I waste too much time because I know I have lots. I am actually not getting as much accomplished as when working! Love the kisses.

Jan said...

I'm feeling overwhelmed right now also so can sympathize with you. The kisses look great. It looks like a difficult subject that you've handled with your usual grace and talent!

Lauren Maurer said...

I love watching a painting's progress! Beautiful job!

Susan Parsons said...

I feel the same way Jeannette. I spent so much time getting ready for that last show that I didn't have any time to paint. I keep telling my self that I will have more time when I retire.

Jeanette said...

I've enjoyed creating these and there's another product coming up from the same company. So you mean I can send it over for you to finish up the lettering Gary? :)

Deadlines and snatched moments do force me to make the most of the time I have - well, usually. I understand that feeling too Margaret. If I have lots of time I can easily procrastinate.

Jan thanks for the support. As long as I don't think about what I have to do, its all just fine!

Thanks Lauren, I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Susan, you had a lovely exhibit yesterday. And I know the build up to something like that takes lots of time. Funny how 80% of art is marketing and prep and 20% is actually producing art it seems.

Grobuonis said...


Talking about time, I'm always astonished by your work. How you use all the time you have to create art inspires me to use up all my days till the last second. However, I rarely get to drawing and my colored pencils are lying untouched for months. (I was lucky to have you as my colored pencil teacher on your project on drawspace a few years ago. I'm still thankful for that. It's one of the best things that happened in my life.)

All in all, as Einstein said, time is only something our watch shows us. Don't let it put you under stress.

Good luck!

nadinebc said...

Well done, even made me kind of homesick.

Gary said...

Collaboration - now that's an idea - but I'm sure you would not be pleased if I got hold of your beautiful work.

sue said...

These turned out looking really delightful! I really like this. I hope you get to enjoy your day off and take it easy some!

Pat said...

Love how these turned out. I also agree that life should not be at this stress level. But as I always say, you do what you do. No more and no less.