Sunday, November 22, 2009

Moving ahead

I've been doing some marketing with my art over the last few months and its starting to pay off now.

I have one of my pieces accepted into the Provincial Art Bank which I'm very pleased about.  This provides a showcase for my work to a broader audience.  Pieces are displayed on a rotating basis throughout government and government related education buildings around the province and may be displayed at times in the provincial art gallery at The Rooms.

I've used a free public advertisement service to promote animal portraits and contacts have been good from that source.  You take a chance when doing this but I created special offer for the holiday season and that seems to bring out collectors and commissions.

Finally, I had dinner tonight a St. John's restaurant that displays art from local artists in its rooms.  I asked about displaying there and was told they're interested in new artists and charge no commission for sales.  I will be setting up a meeting to show some of my art there I think.

With every marketing piece that I do it has a fear and pleasure aspect to it.  Like many artists, marketing myself becomes a daunting task, but as with all things, the more you do it, the easier it becomes.  There is always a risk of rejection, but you take the punches with the good times.  Lately, the good times are becoming more frequent.

I still haven't had a lot of time to play with my new camera, but this image at the top of the post was taken early one morning this week with a telephoto lens. It is a Northern Flicker which frequents the birdfeeder outside the dining room window now that it is stocked with suet cakes.  I think this is one of this seasons 'babies' as it seems rather round and a bit small.  I love the colouring and markings on these birds and occasionally they wake me by drumming on the side of the house.  That, I'm not so keen on.


Maree said...

Lovely marketing articles Jeanette and great information. I've been putting off the daunting task of marketing, but with your info it looks to becoming a bit easier.

And your photograph of the Northern Flicker is GREAT! Just look at those dots - looks like you were right on top of him! Beautiful!

"JeanneG" said...

The bird looks like it has holes punched in him. Cute little bird.

Susan Parsons said...

Hey Jeanette,
I've had a very good week as well. Two of the cod prints I did in your workshop have sold along with three other pieces, two oil and one watercolor. I guess the economny is comming back.

RHCarpenter said...

What a handsome bird - he does look like he has an overcoat on that has holes in it! Good luck on all your marketing endeavors - they seem to be taking hold in a good way!

Gary said...

Congratz on your accomplishments Jeanette. What kind of camera do you have - will you be using it to document your work too?

Chris Beck said...

Love the pattern on the flicker - they are such handsome birds!! Glad to hear, too, that your marketing efforts are working well. Hope it continues!

Jo Castillo said...

Great news on your marketing progress. Encouraging! Cute little bird.

Pat said...

I'll send good thoughts you way to boost your sales. Congratulations on your hard work paying off.

Jeanette said...

Maree, marketing is always so time consuming, but so necessary. I keep putting it off too.

The flickers are lovely to watch Jeanne. Under their wings is a beautiful golden colour too.

Wonderful news Susan, congratulations. Its good to see you use the information from the workshop and have success with it.

Thanks Rhonda, the markings are amazing on this bird, aren't they?

Gary, thanks. I have a Canon Rebel and it will be my main recorder of my work. Much better images I hope!

Thanks Chris, every morning these flickers come to the feeder, so lots of opportunity for photos.

There is money out there Jo. It takes a lot of work to find it sometimes however.

Thanks for your support Pat, its appreciated. :)

sue said...

I am so happy for you, Jeanette--you so deserve it! Keep us posted. I think it's glorious that others will get to see your work in case they've missed you in the past.

We get those Northern flickers here as well--they're amazing birds. they're very dramatic birds, aren't they?