Monday, November 16, 2009

Portraits in progress

Its good to be back home after a hectic few days in Toronto. I took today off to catch up on some work (and sleep) and made a concentrated effort on progressing with a couple of portraits.

I added more layers and refined shapes in the watercolour portrait that I'm working on for the portrait swap at WetCanvas and its finally starting to go where I want it to.  The ugly stage nearly had me tearing up another sheet of paper but I worked through it and am coming out the other side.

I also agreed to do another swap with someone who's sign up partner had not forwarded any images.  I know she was anxious to paint and I'm always happy to do more portraits for practice, so I am doing a small piece in oils for her.  I've had time to only block in basic shapes and values so far and will work on it more over the coming week and hopefully have it on its way within 2 weeks, provided I don't get too slap happy with the oils so it doesn't take forever to dry enough to ship.

Christmas commissions are coming in now, due to a little marketing on my part.  Its always good to have that extra work and I enjoy the challenge.  I know my own cut off point in terms of workload and don't surpass my comfort zone.  I'm also not afraid to turn down commissions if the images provided aren't suitable to provide a piece with the quality that I want to provide.


Rose Welty said...

Glad you are back and got some art in. Good to hear that you have been having some success from your marketing efforts Jeanette - I'd love to see you be able to give up that day job. :D

Gary said...

It sounds like you are set up for a while. I would definitely on track with these portraits - the watercolor is quite impressive - awesome layers.

Gary said...

Oops - meant to say that I would say you are definitely on track - you mentioned getting over the hump with the wc and i quite agree.

RHCarpenter said...

I love the way you handle your watercolors - layering in "splotches" that give such depth and dimension to the portrait.