Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Cats, cats, cats, cats

Four cats to be precise.

I am working on some pet portrait commissions that have  come from some marketing I've done at a pet groomer's.   I do pet portraits off and on throughout the year and late last year put a couple of portraits in a groomer's along with some information to generate interest.

This month I provided a 'Valentine Special' which placed a number of commissions my way, including this one for the cats.  Finding time to fit in all the commissions is challenging and I think I'll be working on a couple at a time.

I'm drawing these in coloured pencil , confirming composition and the colour of the toned paper I will be using as well as some value studies.  I will share them here in snippets so over the next few weeks you may see a cat face appear now and then.  For tonight, meet Katie or part of her anyway.


Jan said...

Cool! I always like the way you paint animals - looking forward to watching your progress if my computer/connection holds up!

laura said...

I too love you cat drawings--the eye on this is amazing: so full of light, so smooth and glistening!