Thursday, February 04, 2010

Koi pool

Insomnia has benefits and drawbacks. 

Last night, well this morning, I woke and couldn't get back to sleep.  My mind kicks into gear as soon as I'm awake and the longer I lie in bed willing myself to sleep, the worse it becomes.  So I gave in and got up.  It was 3:30am.

Armed with a cup of coffee, some digestive biscuits and a long cold night I decided to prep some more masa paper for a new painting.  My sights are set on koi carp in this one and by the time light filtered through the window of the studio, I had the piece drawn and the paper wetted, crumpled, painted and drying.

It looks very abstract right now but is coming together slowly.  Masa does become much more fragile when wet, so it doesn't take much moving paint around or scrubbing.  You can't lift pigment out of the paper either so once you've made your mark, you're more or less stuck with it.

The drawback of insomnia is that I was tired all day and still am.  But I'm fighting it til normal bedtime in the hopes that I can sleep. If not, well there's always another painting to do.


sue said...

Well, you do incredible work in your moments of insomnia, I'll give you that! Lovely, Jeanette! I really like this!

Gesa Helms said...

this is looking great. i chuckled at your 'It looks very abstract right now but is coming together slowly'... how unsettling abstraction can seem ;).
i very much like the look of the masa paper... i had a look around online for what it is (i don't think it's available in the uk)... but my watercolour inability is holding me back from an impulse buy... will be watching with intent, though and hope you'll have a good night's sleep tonight!

Jennifer Rose said...

I really like this. Looks like the fish are swimming under frozen water with all those creases on the paper :)

Jeanette said...

Thanks Sue. I'm doing more work on it today as I'm at home for a 'snow day'.

I know Gesa...I have abstract fear! :)

I love this paper and its potential. Perhaps its just a phase I'm going through but I'm planning more pieces with this semi-batik technique.

It does look like ice doesn't it Jennifer? In fact, you've given me an idea for another piece. Thank you!

Jan said...

I see such possibilities for this, Jeanette, and think the masa technique is perfect for koi!

Julie Broom said...

This looks very exciting already. I think this could turn out brilliantly. I just love the experimental techniques you share on your blog, thanks Janette!