Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wile E. Coyote

I have a love/hate relationship with coyotes.  I love their foxy/wolfish look and cool stares.

I know they exist on instinct and to fulfil daily living requirements.  I don't enjoy it when they decide that the farm is the local supermarket.

Luckily there haven't been any visits lately, but there are more and more sightings of coyotes on the island, often in urban areas too. I know that living in the country, there is a large amount of wildlife that comes to visit and that in raising animals you come to see and know a lot of it.

I think at this point about the only thing I have not seen is a black bear.  And I have no desire to either!

This coyote is an introduced species to keep rabbit populations down at a golf course in Gatineau and her name is Charlotte.  Even with that elegant look, those golden eyes see everything and wait for opportunity.  Coyotes have occasionally been known to attack humans, but it is rare.  However, encounters with household pets is fairly common, with the pet usually being the worse off.

This sketch was done in watercolour over pen and ink.


Casey Klahn said...

Good character you put in this one, Jeanette!

Sorcha said...

The dog spotted a coyote in the park last night, which is a block from our house. Luckily it was only one and she decided not to chase after it, but it makes me wonder how many were really there...

Billie Crain said...

I think you captured the essence of coyote very well here, Jeanette.

I see you tweaked your blog. Looks nice! How did you do it? May I ask? I'd love to jazz mine up a bit.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Casey. I think this coyote has become the resident character of the golf course, collecting golf balls as if they were eggs.

Sorcha, there are a lot of coyotes around and they often travel in packs, so be careful.

Billie, they do have distinctive faces, don't they?

Yes, I did a little facelift on the blog, more to come once I get some time.

Its very basic and simple. I just chose a new template in Blogger and applied it. I'm still not sure if this will be the final look or not. Time will tell.

Go to Layout in Blogger, save your current Template in case you want to revert back, then just choose a new one and apply it. Have fun!

Dav said...

Fantastic artblog, nice work...congratulation...beautiful pieces

Jennifer Rose said...

I love coyotes :D and this is a lovely drawing of one. People in Alberta go out of their way to run them over or shoot them :( but I always thought, that if its not attacking a human or livesotck, let it be.

sharon said...

Great job on this sketch! I love the watercolor and cross hatching, there's a lot of character in this piece.

sue said...

Lovely job, Jeanette! Beautiful creature you captured, although on a farm, especially, I imagine an unwelcome guest! I'd be scared to come across one in person.

RHCarpenter said...

Like the wolf in Little Red Riding Hood, you've made this coyote deceptively benign. I like it. I'd rather see a painting/drawing of a coyote by you than see one carrying away a little Yorkie (which has happened in neighborhoods near here)! New construction is forcing them out into the neighborhoods and they take what they find - Yorkies taste like chicken?

Jeanette said...

Thank you Dav.

Yes, they're considered a threat in most areas that have livestock Jennifer. I think they're interesting animals but wasn't happy when they killed four of my ducks.

Sharon, pen and wash make such great partners. I love using them together.

Sue, we see them here in the meadow next to the house sometimes. At first I thought it was someone's German Shepard, then realized it wasn't. There are eyes watching you everywhere, that's what's a bit unnerving.

Rhonda, thanks. Coyotes do tend to attack domestic animals and are well known for it and most pets don't stand a chance. But yes we encroach on their world often.

ujwala said...

your coyote looks fabulous. : )

Jan said...

We are beginning to see more and more in our area - in the past there really weren't any east of the Mississippi River but now they're everywhere.

I saw two yesterday morning in the pasture behind the barn - too close for comfort!

You've captured their look very well although you've made this one look almost friendly! But, they almost are as they're certainly almost fearless if nothing else!

Lindsay said...

I love both this one and your dots! Very rich work