Monday, March 01, 2010

Punk Rocker update

Just a small update on the portrait.  I haven't had much time to draw tonight.  People, packing paintings and the telephone keep me away.

I've started putting down some layers for the hair and building the fine hairs on the shaved section of the head.  I've noticed that my drawing is off here.  The ear is too far back, making the head elongated.  But as this isn't a commission and just something for fun, I'm letting it slide for now.

I'm finding the shade of paper very difficult to capture.  Its a blue that looks almost greenish under artificial light.  This is more what it looks like in the current lighting, but daylight give a much bluer cast to the paper.


vivien said...

you were quite right to carry on :>) it's even better

Billie Crain said...

I never even noticed the ear placement until you mentioned it. Somehow it's not creating an issue or it would've jumped out. I think punkers are walking works of art anyway.

Julie Broom said...

It's turned out really well, Jeanette. Will we be seeing anymore mohawk drawings? ;-)
ps I've nominated you for a sunshine award. The details are on my blog at:

Jeanette said...

Thanks Vivien. One more session and its done I hope.

Billie, punks always remind me of exotic birds, especially this one.

Thanks Julia. I'm not sure if there are any more mohawks in the pipeline. That depends what crosses my path in downtown St. John's. :)

And thank you for the Sunshine Award, that's very kind. I think I'm Vitamin D deprived this winter with lack of sun!

Cathyann said...

superb drawing even with the misplacement of the ear...have to look hard to notice that...but with the hairstyle the image is balanced.
good luck on the grant!