Saturday, June 19, 2010

Country life

I've spent a lot of my adult life living on working and hobby farms of various sorts.  It was always a childhood dream to be on a farm which turned into reality, with good and bad aspects. 

The romantic notion of living happily in the country with hens wandering  through neat rows of cabbages, the sun shining and everyone living off the land is just that, romantic.  The idyllic life that those not living in the country see, has a behind the scenes view that is based in hard physical work, disappointment, hardship and reality.  Of course there are pleasures and joy and contentment but they are always tempered by the reality of their opposites.

However, it doesn't stop me from being drawn to the traditional way of country life and to the houses and barns that represent it.  Probably because they are so familiar to me and seeing them or drawing them brings back memories.

This is a sketch that I did this morning or an abandoned farmhouse and barn in France.  I was having coffee and too lazy to go to the studio to get paper and pen so used an old felt tip pen and the back of a mail flyer to sketch this.  The coffee and the pen gave out around the same time, but this scene may be redone in pen and ink at a later date.


A Brush with Color said...

What a beautiful sketch, Jeanette. I remember as kids, we'd go to visit my aunt on her dairy farm in upstate NY, and we initially thought, "oh, goodie, visiting a farm," but we would help out, and by nightfall each day, we were utterly exhausted. It's a hard life, but a rich, full life as well. I admire you for living it...

Jo Castillo said...

This is a wonderful sketch and story. It is Father's Day here tomorrow and this reminds me of my cowboy father. Thanks!

Jennifer Rose said...

farm life can be so hard, whether its animals or crops. things can be wiped out in a moment, but the rewards can be great :) I like helping out on a farm, but not so much living there lol its nice to be able to have a break from it all

really nice sketch and shows that an artist will use anything at hand to create :)

tracywall said...

You're so right about the romanticism of farm life. It is such a hard-working lifestyle in reality, but can teach us respect for Mother Nature and perseverance.

Just like those who work a farm, you used the materials at hand to create something rich and nourishing for the the soul.