Monday, June 28, 2010


I played around this weekend with the image of a pineapple.  I wanted it to feel tropical and loose, but have enough detail to be recognizable too.  Pineapple is about the only thing tropical in this summer so far.  We get a decent day, then the north wind whips around again and brrrr.  So a foray into something more summer like was warranted. The texture of pineapple is fascinating with each segment looking rather like a little wrapped parcel.

This is done on a half sheet of 200lb paper.  Its at the cusp of being overworked as sometimes its easy to overstep the mark without even realizing it.  I hope I stopped before I got in too deep on this one.


SKIZO said...




The Art of Kim Kincaid said...

very nice. Like the blue in the leaves and can feel the form underneath the pineapple goodness.

Gayle Mason said...

I like the solidity of it Jeanette, you definitely stopped in time.

Anonymous said...

Lip smacking good :).

Stay inspired!

Jennifer Rose said...

yep, stopped on time :) this is really nicely done (and now I'm going to have to go find a pineapple to eat lol)

Jan said...

I agree - not overdone at all - it just looks warm and tropical!

You may have all the heat we're having that you want! It's been 100 degrees F for what seems ages!

laura said...

I really love, and, I must say, covet this painting. I've tried several times to paint a pineapple--it's such a beautiful thing, but I get all confused by the complexity of it's surface, and even of it's leaves!
The colors here are just lovely too.
I simply love it--and love the size too!!

laura said...

ps Sent one of your necklaces that I bought on Etsy to my bestest friend for her 50th birthday and, as I knew she would, she just loved it. So, thank you!

Olivia said...

Your watercolor gives me the impression of colors rise of the low towards the heut. That pleases me. I also like the blue on the foliage. Bravo!

Jeanette said...

Thanks skizo

Kim I wish I'd put more blue in the lower leaves too, but don't dare fuss with it anymore.

Thanks Gayle, its difficult to stop sometimes.

It made me buy pineapple Michelle :)

Thanks so much Laura. I think you should try a pineapple again, I'm sure you'd work your magic on it.

Wonderful the necklace was well received by your friend. I'm glad they went to a good home.

Olivia, the colours were the fun part of this piece. I wanted that tropical look that spelled pineapple.

Glad you approve Jan. Send on all the heat you can spare, its needed this year.

Funny how that images trigger tastebuds sometimes Jennifer. Did you find one?

Jennifer Rose said...

sadly no pineapple :( but going to see if I can find one on Friday :) and hope that it isnt a small one. Most that I have seen here are pretty small