Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Brook trout

Brook trout
9 x 12  graphite

A friend provided me with some local brook trout which I gratefully accepted.  Two were scheduled for the freezer for a later date and one to work with now.  This is a life (or should that be death) sketch of the fish.  

The coloration in this fish is quite appealing and an intimate view of fish reveals a lot of detail that we miss in most other dealings we have with them.  They are quite exquisite in form and engineering.  The colours and patterning is complex and perfectly designed for their environment.

I'm sure this sounds odd to many.  Its just a fish they say.  When was the last time you really looked at a fish?  Try it.  You'll be amazed.


Olivia said...

Jeanette, I am 100 % with you: it is not JUST a fish!

Michelle V. Alkerton said...

You continue to amaze me. Thanks for sharing your talents :).

Stay inspired!
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