Friday, August 27, 2010

Fish and chairs

I'm at a stage of frustration with the gyotaku project I'm working on.  Not being able to find the supplies I need locally always frustrates.  Not finding whole fish easily frustrates.  Fish prints not turning out as I want frustrates.  Mounting not going well frustrates.

I am experimenting with mounting pieces using both wet and dry techniques.  The dry is an iron on silicone paper and my first attempt was not great, leaving wrinkles in the painting.  So I peeled it apart and salvaged the painting - I hope. 

The wet method involves wheat or rice paste as the 'glue' that binds the painting to another piece of similar paper to reinforce it, ready for printing.  It works more effectively than the dry method, at least in my hands so I will be sticking with it for now.  My concerns were with using the wet mount when I have watercolour on the paper, however, it hasn't seemed to affect it in the pieces I've used so far.

So while pieces dry I always have something else on the easel, several things usually.  This is the start of a new watercolour on 18 x 24 200lb paper.  I've had these Adirondack chairs in the garden for years and they're coming apart a bit and need a lick of stain.  On a hot sunny day, the shadows caught my eye and I thought they may make an interesting painting.

I've drawn the chair and shadows in detail and have now added masking fluid in white areas and around the edges of the shadow and parts of the chair so I can use the paint a little more freely.  Sorry the image is rather dark, I had to increase the midtones to make it more visible.  Better image tomorrow in daylight, I promise.

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