Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I'm nearly back to the point where I can work on some fish printing and painting, having caught up on commissions and sales.  It really is quite a lot of work keeping on top of the non creative side of art, but the benefits let me sleep at night and not worry that I've forgotten something.

Printing keeps me busy, but I also do other pieces to keep my interest level high and to ensure that I don't get too rusty in other techniques.

Elaine of Cedar Knoll Farm has some beautiful horses that I always admire.  One of the horses was frolicking in a new pasture and  the image caught my eye so I asked if I could try my hand at him.  I'm considering a watercolour, but drawing also seems to be pulling me.  I hope to decide tomorrow what direction it will take.   I may not be quick on this, depending on what else I have to accomplish but I wanted to make a start.

Here is the line drawing of the handsome Lincoln.  The shadow patterns from his mane onto his body interested me.  I can see a bit of masking fluid in my future if I go with watercolour.  Or a bit of indenting if I try graphite.  Decisions, decisions...


Anudeepa Kadiresan said...

Watercolor or graphite both will be awesome,waiting to see the final result..

Jennifer Rose said...

gorgeous looking horse :D would love to see it in watercolour :)