Wednesday, October 27, 2010


After a period of painting and printing, I crave the feel of graphite on paper and the minute detail of something complex. This little birch leaf from a tree in the garden, now nearly denuded of leaves kept me company on the sofa over the last couple of nights while the news played in the background.

Its funny how much of my training sits so deep within me and becomes a comfort zone.  My training and mentors emphasized drawing skills and it was where I cut my teeth in art.  Hour after hour of technique, life classes, drawing everything and anything until it raced through my head even as I slept, I swear.

While I enjoy painting and printing, it is when I can hold a pencil and see something appear on paper that I am most content.  Leaving tiny amounts of graphite on paper and seeing it build into an image always amazes me.  I strongly believe in keeping drawing alive and that it truly is the backbone of all art.  This was drummed into me from day one and I keep that mantra going.

Funny, a  number of years ago I sold a drawing to a well known artist locally and he was running a painting course while we spoke.  I had mentioned getting back into painting and he looked at me and said 'You don't need to paint, you know how to draw." 

The remembering of my beginnings in art made me dig out a drawing that I did during a life class.  This is a glimpse of one of my life drawing sessions so many years ago in a studio, on a farm in Devon.  I can still see the room in my mind and almost remember the people, the sounds...  This was probably close to 30 years ago. Drawing still lives.



Bonjour Jeanette,

Je découvre ton blog d'artiste et l'excellence de ton travail. Les sujets de tes dessins et pentures ont un rendu vivant qui les rend attachants. J'aime aussi quand l'humour s'en mêle et vient nous rappeler que le talent peut être drôle aussi et nous surprendre agréablement,


D.D said...

What an amazing pencil work. Thank you for sharing your old sketch. It's really nice to see your old works.

Jeanette said...

Roger, merci beaucoup. Je suis heureux que vous appréciez mon travail. Oui l'humour doit être présent. Il rend la vie tellement plus agréable je pense.

DD its always good to look to the past. Its a great measurement of progress as well as memories.

sue said...

Wow, Jeanette--so true--you can really draw. I ALWAYS love seeing your drawings--this is beautiful. Your work never disappoints.

Jeanette said...

Awww, thanks Sue.

Hedera said...

Very interesting Jeanette. I like the fact that your early drawing is incomplete - it pulls you into the work - the model's features are beautifully rendered..

Anonymous said...

A beautiful drawing - looks like the leaf might blow of the page with a just a little puff of wind!