Friday, October 15, 2010

Simple things

landscape1 sml 

Often we overlook the simplest things in life only to find that they are the ones that provide the most pleasure or contain the most beauty.  We look for the perfect composition, the pristine flower, the right light - all to achieve a pleasing piece of work.  We work so hard at achieving perfection that we often miss it entirely but ignoring the obvious and searching for the unobtainable.

This is a quick acrylic sketch of a view stretching across a field in Saskatchewan.  To the farmer it represents revenue, hard work and investment.  To the average person it is 'just a field'.  To an artist it represents values, light, form and potential to make the ordinary into the extraordinary.


A Brush with Color said...

It's beautiful,Jeanette! Just lovely.

D.D said...

Wonderful painting. It’s so simple but so nicely composed.

Gina said...

how very true ... we 'know' these things to be self evident and yet we too often pass them by.

great thoughts next to a lovely painting ... >>> Gina

Cindy Ellison said...

Love this painting. You are so right about simplicity. It seems sometimes we can't see the beautiful right in front of us.

tracywall said...

Lovely it is!
Not only does it speak value/light/form, but to me it exemplifies *space*. I've got a series like this in my head just waiting to be painted.