Thursday, November 25, 2010


I have a craving to do a detailed drawing of an angel.  Why I have no idea.  Perhaps its the season or something that's triggered the thought somewhere.  In cemeteries that I wander through I always look for lovely angel statues and end up with lots of images.  There is a certain bleakness of stone angels in that setting.  The greys and greens are the contrast of life and death, maybe that is the appeal.

I did this sketch of an angel, I can't remember where the reference came from.  The photo is of an angel found in one of St. John's oldest cemeteries where a number of relatives are buried.  I think there is a painting in there, I just need the right lighting so a few more visits may be necessary and perhaps the addition of a little snow could be interesting.

There is a lot of appeal is setting up your own compositions and images from choosing the subject, the lighting and composition.  With images from other sources being always a chancy proposition these days, artists need to rely more and more on their own resources and abilities to create the perfect piece from start to finish.


Pat said...

The sketch is looking good!

I think there's more satisfaction to be had from an image you have photographed - you take the picture with the artist's eye ! :)

RHCarpenter said...

A good start to what will become a good painting, I'm sure.

Hedera said...

The beginning of an interesting process Jeanette..