Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Peer groups

As artists, we are  often solitary, working in isolation simply because it is a necessity to produce our work.  However, there is also a need to communicate and network with others, to get input, critiques, pats on the head and kicks in the ass.  

One of the main motivations for me to create this blog was accountability to myself to ensure that I would produce and work and share and give and receive information.  And that has worked well.  But now I want to take it up a notch.

I would like to create a group of artists, preferably locally based, who are willing to support each other, provide honest critiques, sound business advice, meet weekly or bi-weekly to draw paint, talk, network, to put together an independent art exhibit and generally be immersed in the process of creating and promoting our work so it can be the best it possibly can be.

There can be online partners in this, as the advent of webcams and Skype make 'meeting' much more accessible and interactive.  I've set out some thoughts in the paragraph above, but would like to make it into something more structured - an art group?  Not in the traditional sense.  More a meeting of artistic minds that want to become more serious about honing their craft and establishing themselves more in the world.

If you are interested, email me and let me know.   We can talk more about it.


Jan said...

How odd that you've brought this up at this time as I, too, have been thinking along these lines.

I've been inspired by Sue Clinker (http://pencilpix.blogspot.com/)and her community based art group but with us being rural and our county being so large, I wouldn't have a clue as to how to organize such a thing.

Please keep me apprised of anything you decide. I don't know how it would work, but you're right that with the internet, etc. the world has gotten smaller.

Jeanette said...

Jan,its an area that artists are considering more and more. There are benefits in collaborating and sharing information and having honest discussion to move forward.

I have a few people interested and I'll be formulating some structure around my idea in the next few days and will keep you in the loop.