Saturday, December 11, 2010

Moving ahead

Creating a body of work takes up space, both in production and storage until it can be exhibited and/or sold.  My studio space is currently maxed out and I have a very large set of shelves in another room that houses drying pieces and stores completed images.

Once pieces are completed and framed, I usually try to hang them on a wall at home.  This lessens the risk of damage from someone walking into them and breaking the glass.  But even then there is only so much available wall space in my house.  However, some pieces will be moving out soon.  More on that  later.

Meanwhile I continue to produce and wet mount more gyotaku and have been framing a few more pieces tonight.  Framing in its own right becomes an exercise in frustration sometimes and a learning experience always.

This piece is a crop of a gyotaku/watercolour of bluegill done on batiked masa paper.  Since I provided a brief overview of how I created this batiked paper on the blog, it is one of the most popular page hits on this site.  Its good to share information and knowledge and see what others do with it.


Christiane Kingsley said...

Jeanette, thank you very much for sharing your masa batik process. Most intresting!

Jennifer Rose said...

the batik looking creases go really well with the printed detail of the scales. I really need to find some of this paper to try out soon

Olivia said...

Jeannette, you catch fishes in watercolor as the fisherman with his net. I love this painting !

Jeanette said...

It really is interesting to do Christiane, do have a try.

It makes great patterning Jennifer. It should be fairly readily available in the UK. You may have to mailorder it if its not stocked locally.

Thanks Olivia. It does look like netting doesn't it? I must try some hot was batik next.