Monday, December 13, 2010


I did this little watercolour while on the telephone the other night.  Its a small piece, perhaps 3 x 5 in a little Moleskine watercolour sketchbook, that I'd forgotten I had. (Cleaning up the studio unearths all kinds of treasure!)

I love the look of really large poinsettias and have tried year after year to keep them growing until the next season, but eventually they curl up and die in my hands.  There's a trick with light levels I know for getting the bracts to turn colour, but mine just die completely with barren stems.  I think artificial ones might be better for me.

This little watercolour will be one of the Christmas gifts that I will be giving away in my newsletter.  Join today and see how you can have a chance to win it and other pieces. But be quick!  The newsletter is published on the 15th.  You can join the list by adding your email address in the box on the right side of this blog.

Tomorrow I pick up the Salt Cod I note cards from the printer.  They forgot me it seems.  Two weeks ago I ordered the cards then checked on them today.  Funny how quickly they can move when they realize they're at risk of losing a customer.  The cards were ready by end of business today.


RHCarpenter said...

This is so lovely and I like that it's not the traditional green and red but more a warmer orange-red and beautiful green color!

A Brush with Color said...

Lovely, Jeanette!!

Gambo said...

Very nicely painted Jeanette. Poinsettias are such a Xmasy plant in our house. I was in Sikkim recently where poinsettias grow to well over 2m in height along the Himalayan roads - stunning.

Jennifer Rose said...

I can't seem to keep them alive for more then a few weeks :/

yeah it is funny how fast things get done when a business rep might be on the line

Jeanette said...

Rhonda, I just slapped paint on fairly wet in wet for this with the little box of colours I had at hand while I was on the phone.

Thanks Sue. Poinsettias are so pretty this time of year.

Wow Gambo, that must have been amazing to see them growing wild that large. I hope you took photos!

I keep trying to coax them on through the year, but haven't succeeded so far Jennifer.

Yes, funny how quickly things can be done when they need to be isn't it?