Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rocks - WIP

I probably need my head examined for starting another very complex painting, but start I have and will take my time to build layers on it.  The rocks leading out into the sea give Flatrock its name and consist of blocks and many thin layers, looking almost like a multi-layered cake at times.

I spent most of the afternoon drawing the piece onto 200lb paper and have starting the first layers of colour.  I used the same reference piece which was taken in early morning so the sun was catching the edges of the rock with a pink/gold light, the blues and browns and purples seemed to stand out and give the view more interest.

Its interesting experimenting with different colours for the rocks and these initial washes are Italian Deep Ochre, Moonglow, Lunar Blue, Indigo, Turquoise and Mummy Bauxite with some touches of Lunar Black and Rich Green Gold.  All these are Daniel Smith colours and I do love their watercolour pigments.  I'll continue to build colours with glazes and keep my fingers crossed.

This a similar view of the same rocks in Flatrock, which I completed in pen and ink in 2009.  That piece was submitted to the Arts and Letters Awards and got Honourable Mention with some hanging time in The Rooms in April 2010.


Tim Robinson said...

This is turning out great!

Billie Crain said... far, so good! All the colors seem to work very well together.

Lydie said...

I just made a nice walk in your blog. It is so rich in drawings and works of all kinds, it's exciting. Thank you sharing your thoughts on the work of an artist, I also think that drawing is the basis of any work. Good luck with your book, I flicked through the pages with delight

tracywall said...

I believe that under further examination of your head, they'll find it made up of deliciously rich layers of colors, fresh ideas and imagination. (But if you keep doing more of these, maybe a few rocks, too!)

Beautiful start Jeanette.

A Brush with Color said...

Beautiful, as always, Jeanette! I will love watching this as it develops. You're very talented.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Tim,lets hope it continues.

Billie, there's an amazing number of colours in stones.

Lydie, welcome and thank you!

Tracy, ha yes lots in my head. It just doesn't find its way out the right way sometimes.

Thanks so much Sue, I appreciate your support.

RH Carpenter said...

I think you paint or draw in your sleep :) This is looking good and I enlarged it so I can see those wonderful washes in such a variety of colors...delicious!

Jeanette said...

I probably do some nights Rhonda! I sometimes sketch in bed too. Aren't the colours in rocks amazing?

jane minter said...

incredible drawing jeanette looking foward to see how you develop this in watercolour