Friday, February 04, 2011

Daily drawing page

Its always feast or famine with me.  

I have so many ideas in my head, I can't them onto paper fast enough and there aren't enough hours in the day to capture them.  I need to capture them because I know there will be a fallow time when nothing inspires me and nothing translates onto paper or canvas as I want it to.

I've found that very early morning tends to be my most prolific time.  My sleeping patterns change constantly and if I wake at 4am, I have learned not to fight it, but just get up and start drawing or painting.  This month, I'm doing daily drawings in addition to other pieces I have in progress.  I've created a separate page on this blog to record the drawings at least for this month.  It may last longer than that, but I don't want to bore people with my daily graphite scribblings or have them lost in the body of the blog.

Today this little dog was drawing on the back of a flyer with a felt tip marker at 6:30am.  Another early morning piece using whatever materials came to hand.  Sketches don't have to be on your best paper, and, Murphy's Law, often the pieces that you wish you'd used good paper for, come out to be your best. Its all good practice, no matter what the medium or what the support.  Just draw!


Lydie said...

Everything is in the eyes !

Pat said...

Love him! You've captured the intense gaze perfectly!

Threadspider said...

Lovely expression. Great idea to create a dedicated drawing page.

Jeanette said...

You're right Lydie. If the eyes don't capture the viewer, its not a good portrait.

Thanks Pat, animals are always good practice to draw.

Threadspider, I wanted to keep them separate from the main blog, at least for February so I can concentrate on drawing.

Susan said...

A wonderful sketch, Jeanette, and very good advice as well!

RH Carpenter said...

I like this one a lot and think the text on the paper adds to the drawing :) He reminds me of the RCA Victor dog.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Susan. The act of drawing doesn't require special tools. Drawing wherever and whenever is what counts.

Rhonda, isn't he a cute beast? Yes he has a bit of that RCA Victrola dog about him. I think that one was a Jack Russell, I can't remember, but similar markings.

Lori Forester said...

You are so right about the ideas... I too have too many and I find that I get and almost creative inertia that I need to break. To many ideas and I can't do anything - I think I sometimes don't know where to start.
Lovely drawing.