Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine puzzle

I'm not a fan of Valentine's Day.  I think there's more consumerism than love in it, but I don't deny those who enjoy the event.   However, I'm going to make you work for your Valentine treat here tonight.

I took a photo on a beach that seems appropriate for the day and created a puzzle out of it. Once you complete the jigsaw puzzle you will see the image.  I'm in the process of starting a new painting but have nothing share quite yet, as its in the very ugly stage. Soon.

I tried to add the puzzle to this post, but its a bit too wide, so I'll simply add the link and let you solve the puzzle.  You cannot rotate pieces and each correct matching piece will lock against its mate when found.

Valentine Jigsaw Puzzle


Anonymous said...

Thanks for making me discover your heart stone :). Hope you don't mind, but I'll be including a puzzle in my blog soon. Great way to interact.
Stay inspired!
Brain Angles - Invisible Ink

Cees said...

Finished your jig saw. Thanks for sharing. It was a bit more complicated then the one on FB

Threadspider said...

Fiendish puzzle. What fun! Thanks for the inspired idea and I hope you enjoyed your Valentine's day.

Jeanette said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Michelle. Yes, its a fun thing to add to your blog for others to play with.

Cees, I thought I'd give something a little more difficult this time. :)

It was a bit wasn't it Threadspider lol. Great that you enjoyed it.

RH Carpenter said...

That was fun! And I'm considering it a mental warm up before doing something more physical. Lovely photo, too.

debwardart said...

OMG Jeanette, that was fun - haven't done a jigsaw puzzle in years! Had a little trouble when I accidentally lost some pieces under the partially completed puzzle! I'll have to figure out how to send that to some friends of mine - they will love it!!

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Thanks for the fun puzzle. I've sent it on to others I thought might enjoy it. Great puzzle, great photo.

Jeanette said...

Thanks Rhonda, its a good little exercise that I sometimes use as an icebreaker when teaching.

Deb, isn't it fun to do? Lost pieces go hand in hand with jigsaws :)

Great that you enjoyed it Nancy, yes do share it or make some of your own too.

Jean Spitzer said...

The puzzle was fun. Thanks for making it.