Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zippo II

So good I drew it twice.  And perhaps will a third time too.

I love trying my hand at reflections and after last nights efforts I wanted to try the same image in different media.  This is drawn with coloured charcoal, Ocean Blue, and white pastel pencil.  These are similar to the original limited palette of ultramarine, burnt sienna and titanium white.  I have a small set of coloured charcoal pencils which I haven't used them a lot.  The colours are very subtle which does have an appeal and I should explore with them more.

This piece is on 8 x 10 brown paper sketchbook that is one of my favourites to draw in.  The manila coloured paper works so well for so many things, acting as the mid-range value.

1 comment:

Lydie said...

The matter of zippo is subtly done, good work.