Friday, March 04, 2011


I've pushed the date for my Gyotaku workshop ahead to April 16th.  The registrations weren't high enough to warrant me delivering it on March 19th and I have a minimum number that I need to make it functional.

Workshops, money, apathy, timing, everything plays a role in workshops meeting the needs of everyone.  I know that gyotaku is a specialized and yes, kind of strange, form of art that may not appeal to everyone.  But often exploring the unknown leads to amazing things.  It has for me.

You can register for the Gyotaku workshop on the Workshop page of this blog.

Of course by moving the date, I now have to re-market it in terms of visuals and media work.  So between that, the new website, finishing some gyotaku, painting, and hectic day job I'll be busy for awhile!

This morning and while watching the news I knocked off these two sketches, about 10 minutes each.  There seems to be a chicken theme going on here with this post and the last.  Perhaps because I'm considering getting some more laying hens this spring.  If I could just figure out how to keep the mink out of the barn, the decision would be easier.


Chris said...

I love your work which is intriguing and original and always look forward to your postings.

Phil Davis said...

Lovely sketches, look forward to seeing your website.

Hedera said...

I like these sketches too Jeanette - an observant eye, a few lines... They're lovely!