Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Monochrome photograph

Many artists spend almost equal time photographing to find the perfect references or capture light, action or life just moving too fast to commit to canvas or paper.  With the growth of digital cameras, it becomes easier and easier to shoot hundreds of images in search of the perfect one.

Colour photograph

I am no different and usually have a camera close by either inside or outdoors - just in case.  Some of the images I'm quite pleased with and I've been collecting a select few to offer for sale. These are on my website and are both colour and monochrome - the version that I seem to favour for the mood and atmosphere they create, especially for damp seascapes and landscapes or mysterious images in the barn.

This is one of the newest pieces that you can see on my site I have also included the colour version here as well.  Which is your preference?  Each seems to have such a different feel to it.


Sue Pownall said...

I prefer the B&W, more mysterious, escapist, romantic.

drawtheline said...

imo the b&w one suits the title you've selected more.

Hedera said...

I also prefer the black and white image. It's much more dramatic and evocative than the colour...