Thursday, April 28, 2011

Water update

I've added a few more layers to this wave and its coming together as it should.  I am conscious that I am behind in my water paintings this year.  Although I have not committed to a particular number on paper, I have in my head and hope to produce at least a dozen before the year is gone.

Of course life and work gets in the way as well as other commitments.  I am finishing my final report for the gyotaku project and should have it in the mail by the end of this week.  Then I can concentrate on some other projects, however the gyotaku will be with me for some time yet.  It will be part of an art group exhibition later this summer, but more about that at another time.

For now, more layers, more blending and coaxing colour and paint into water.  A name for the piece still hasn't made itself known to me.  One of these days it will just happen I'm sure.  A whole post could be written on the process of naming paintings and likely has!


Lydie said...

So clear, and so calm ... Congratulations Jane

debwardart said...

Hi Jeanette,
In reply to your comment to Christiane Kingsley – I used to do framing, and have a correction for you (don’t mean to sound preachy!!!)
Sink mounting fills in the space surrounding the painting board and below the mat when framing a board that is 1/4 in. thick (or any other thick board). It makes it so the mat fits evenly over the painting and does not "drape".
"Floating" is when the painting is mounted with no mat; it can be applied to the foamcore directly, or elevated with a narrow piece of mat or something else to lift it above the surface. Then "spacers" are used to keep the glass elevated above the painting so it does not touch the glass.
I’m sure your guytaku paintings look beautiful unmatted, so you probably do use the floating method.

Jeanette said...

Its getting there, thanks Lydie.

Deb, thanks for setting me straight on the framing issue. I don't know framing from Adam. But my framer said the pieces they did of some of my gyotaku were floated. I just go by what I'm told. lol

Great to know the difference, perhaps I can enlighten the framer now too! :)

Jennifer Rose said...

very calming :) the lighting really makes this look very real