Monday, June 13, 2011

Inspiration drive

Water study I 
8 x 10"

I've worked out ideas for a new painting today and kept rejecting them one by one.  The one above is one of them.  Its a quick study of the beach at Conception Harbour on a very windy day.  There must have been a spill of fuel so the shoreline was sandbagged.  The image study is fine, but just won't work on the scale and size canvas that I have in mind. So this evening I went out to get inspired and took some images of what I saw.

Slipway, Pouch Cove

Lobster Pots, Bauline

The Littlest Room

Sunset, Topsail Beach


suzanneberry said...

lovely painting and photos! great post!

RH Carpenter said...

Wow, what inspiration you have all around - any of these photos would make a great painting! I like the waterscape study you did, too - perhaps some just want to be small paintings?

Hedera said...

Great photos Jeanette! I shivered a little, imagining a cool sea breeze... Wonderful inspiration here for textural, abstract pieces??

Erin K. Nolan said...
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Erin K. Nolan said...

I love it when a painting portrays light so well that it makes my eyes squint to look at it. Excellent job!