Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lavender road


This view is very near my house and I've painted it several times over the last couple of years.  The track leads into the woods to a marsh and not much goes there beyond all terrrain vehicles or snowmobiles in winter.  There is no lavender growing there. The path is usually filled with water as it is a wetland, but with the warm weather over the last week or so, its dried up a lot, so its down to pale lavender/grey earth with a few puddles remaining.  The colour is what attracted me this time and I enhanced it a little above the natural colour in my paints.  Its part of the appeal of being an artist.  I can turn reality into fantasy or vice versa by simple use of colour.

I don't know why this little track fascinates me so much.  I find myself looking up it each day as I pass it, noting changes in the landscape, sky or path and take mental notes on colour and shape.  I often stop to grab a quick shot with my cellphone camera if I want to capture a particular light.

There is benefit in revisiting the same spot and  painting it over and over.  Each time, there is something new to learn.  I was using up the end paint on my palette to create this piece.  I hate throwing away paint and always create something out the the remains of colour left from creating other pieces.


Wai Li said...

Serene looking and stuff. Nice.

Sue Pownall said...

It's a great lane, so I can see why you keep painting it. I like the atmosphere you have created with the muted tones.