Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Salmonier River finished

 Salmonier River
5" x 7" acrylic

Detail has always appealed to me.  I can spend hours creating tiny strokes with a pencil or brush to make minute progress. So completing this little painting of a curve in a tributary of the Salmonier River held endless interest for me.

The process of creating something from broad strokes of colour down to individual forms is a challenge and very enjoyable.  I'm looking at the next challenge for  a new piece that will test my patience and ability.  I came across the art of Sadie Valeri.  Her still life pieces with exquisitely painted glass and paper fascinate me and also inspire me to try my hand at a similar composition.  It may take awhile for me to find the right composition and props (having a friend in the antiques business helps). 

I would like to film the process.  Of course I anticipate the painting will take time to produce so a speeded up version of the process would be required. A little experimentation is required before I jump into this, so stay tuned.


Lisa Le Quelenec said...

Great painting, I like the textures and light..... but watch out, those reeds can be addictive... ;o)

Jeanette said...

Thanks Lisa. I hope to do a large river painting soon and yes I can see the addiction factor in reeds...

Anita said...

Lovely Jeanette - I really like the grasses under the water and where the stems are breaking through the surface. I have that detail thing going on too though I wish I didn't. Trying very hard to break the habit!

Matt said...

Beautiful work on such a small canvas. I love seeing paintings that are small yet highly detailed.

vivien said...

beautiful transparency with the water, totally believable, and you handled the reeds really well too. I love tangled growth and reflections - a complete contrast to wild seas and open skies, also a love.


Teresa Mallen said...

I agree with all of the above, love the grasses and the water and the detail and the small size and the tangled growth reflections. I love your palette, my fav. colours! :-)
Shall stay tuned for film and hey lucky you with a friend with an antiques business! Very handy indeed.

Jeanette said...

Oh Anita, I can get so lost in detail work sometimes. Those grasses were a challenge.

Thanks Matt. I'm wondering how the same detail will translate on a much larger scale now.

Vivien, I'm glad you like it. The water surface could do with more tweaking but I'm going to leave it in case I muck it up.

I agree, riverbanks are amazing subjects and I'm slowing down by rivers as I drive by now seeing if there's potential. Makes those behind me a bit wild. :)

Teresa, I quite enjoyed creating this and the detail in it. I didn't think I would when I started but it just flowed. And yes, a treasure house of goodies that can be borrowed or photographed from his antique shop. I am lucky!