Thursday, August 25, 2011

Black bears

Black bears are native to Newfoundland, but not seen much on the Avalon, seeming to like points west, however they are around. Luckily a bear hasn't visited the farm yet.  Some people seem to consider wild bears, especially the cubs, almost like teddy bears and try feeding them.  Bears become addicted to easy access human food but then become a nuisance and often have to be shot because they become a danger as they grow and continue to interact with humans. I am always on the side of the bears and wish people would have the sense not to go near these creatures.  Whenever they do, they spell a death sentence for the animal as this story shows.  Cute?  Yes.  Now dead.  Another animal killed by human stupidity.  And they say mankind is the one with a brain.  It truly makes me wonder.

An RCMP officer face-to-face with a bear in Terra Nova National Park in central Newfoundland. (Courtesy: RCMP)

 CBC News Canada  Police warn people not to feed bears
CBC News Canada  Terra Nova bear cub put down

I bought a canvas awhile ago - 24 x 48.  As I stood in line at the checkout, a mother and child about 5 years old was in front of me.  As I rested the canvas on its end, I realized that it was the height or taller than the child and thought it would be fun to do a life sized portrait on it.

Not having the inspiration or setting up the right scene for it, bears seemed to wander into the picture.  There seem to have been endless bear stories in the news lately and it got me thinking about the size of a bear cub, especially when standing and how it might fit on that canvas shape.

Tonight I started some thumbnail sketches to see what composition may work.  This is one of them, cute little tree hugger that he is. Yes, bears can climb trees and often do, so not a good option if one is chasing you.


suzanneberry said...

oh my, this made me so very sad. what an adorable little baby. humans will be the death of all of us yet.

beautiful sketch.

Jeanette said...

I know Suzanne, it breaks my heart when this happens. And so avoidable. Poor little bear.