Friday, October 07, 2011

Terry's portrait continued

I am slowly working my way through unfinished pieces.  My goal is to have them all complete before the end of the year.  What is it about my inability to complete paintings sometimes?  Easily distracted perhaps.  I always see something else that I want to get down on paper or canvas and think 'I'll just start this and finish the other later.'

This is a portrait of Terry Rielly, a gifted musician and entertainer.  I've known Terry for....oh more years than I remember.  We recently became reacquainted and I promised him this portrait after seeing the image of Mikaela's Rock online.

I started the portrait in watercolour and then, with other things overtaking it, it was put aside.  Now I've pulled it out and have started adding more layers of colour and am probably about two-thirds near completion.  I thought the beard would be my undoing, but instead it may be the rock!

I promise Terry that you'll have the final piece soon!


Nancy Van Blaricom said...

I love the fact that you start soooo many art projects. Starting is my down-fall. I particularly love this. So much life.... so much feeling .

Jane said...

I have the same tendency...starting something without finishing it because I get enthusiastic about something else. But somehow I think it is ok to have many unfinished things because when you pick them up again you see them with new eyes, and that is when you might finish it. Hopefully :-)
Your portrait looks really great, love this sleeping man!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Nancy. My eye gets caught by so many things and I always feel I need to get the bones of it down before I lose the image or thought.

This is moving in the right direction I hope. One more to check off the list soon! :)

Your very right Jane. Seeing them again after a period of time away can work wonders.

Thanks for your comments, glad you like it.

RH Carpenter said...

'Tis better to have started and left unfinished than never to have started at all! A good end-of-year project is to return and finish up those that were left standing - and sometimes they are even better for having waited :) I like this a lot already.