Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Cold marble

 Cold Marble
8" x 8"
Canvas Board

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I usually work on several paintings at once when I use oils, as I need a couple of drying days between layers.  I'm still working on sections of the Wasp Jar while I wait for other parts to dry.

Meanwhile, I completed the painting of the marble that I'd started a few days ago.  I liked the looseness of it.  Its good for me to forget about tightness and just paint some days.

If you notice on the right side of the blog, I've put a QR (Quick Response) code.  This is compatible with smart phones and newer iPods.  If you have a scanner program, you simply point your device at the code and let it scan.  This one will send you to my website.

I'll considering other ways to use the code which is slowly becoming more popular in the public eye.  I'm working on marketing and promotion tools that incorporate QR codes as well as making plans for projects for 2012.  I suddenly have more ideas that I jot down furiously in Evernote.  If you haven't tried this little piece of software, do.  I have it on several computers and use it to write down ideas and bookmark websites when I get ideas.  You can access from any computer that you have it installed on and its available as a free app as well, making note taking mobile.


Jennifer Rose said...

i've seen QR codes on everything, putting them on business cards is a good idea along with some of the usual info you put on them. i know not everyone has a smart phone, but they are becoming a lot more popular and cheaper to have. thanks for the link to that program, looks very useful :)

Addie May Hirschten Artist and Storyteller said...

I absolutely love this painting, "Cold Marble." Lovely!

Jeanette said...

Yeah, I'll have to experiment with them. They're a new technology and a bit slow to take off yet.

Addie, thank you so much.