Thursday, January 05, 2012

Straight Sailing - complete

 Straight Sailing
15" x 30"
oil on canvas panel

Despite the muse being AWOL, I pushed myself to finish the last strokes on the Straight Sailing piece that I posted on New Year's Day.  If I let myself stay away from it too long, my palette will change and so may my interest in completing it.

Its not the best image, even with good lighting which seems to wash it out a bit.  I can't seem to get far enough away or close enough, if that makes sense.  I'll try for another shot when its dryer at the weekend and some daylight will give a truer reading.


laura said...

Reds boats have extra appeal--and I like the head-on, or bow-on, view.
I know what you mean about the right distance: I often feel that, when I post something on my blog, it's either too close or too far a view to represent it accurately and to advantage!

Jeanette said...

Laura, thank you.

Extreme closeups of images is always my pet peeve on blogs. I know its difficult to avoid mostly, but its as if we never see paintings in the best vantage.

RH Carpenter said...

Whenever anything is close like this, I just lean back and take it in - one never gets the feeling of seeing a work in person but that can't be helped with the internet photos. I like this little red boat and think it's a fine one on which to sail away...and I commend you for painting when the muse is absent instead of eating chocolates and watching reruns on t.v. (like me).

Jeanette said...

Rhonda, you're right, you do need to stand back and take a look at it when its so close. I like those images where I see a painting in situ, on a wall somewhere. Then I get a true idea of how it looks.

I think I'm going to fire my muse and find a new one. Not even a phone message from her! As for the chocolates, I just took down the decorations and put a load of unopened boxes of them in the cold room. I don't want to see chocolate again til next Christmas. :)