Saturday, March 10, 2012


I use the walls in my studio to hang paintings on nails to dry.  As I put up last night's blue donut on the wall with other pieces I noticed a trend emerging.  Everything is blue to varying degrees.  Some more prominently than others.  Yes there are other colour elements in the pieces but there seems to be an underlying blue connecting most pieces. 

I know I paint water which often does have blue tones, but haven't really noticed this before.  Tonight as I started a new piece and stepped back to look at the form, it too is blue.  Of course it is a blue boat to start with so there's no escaping that.

Blue is likely one of the most universally favoured colours and I'm no different.  Also as a child, I always was dressed in blue and still love to wear blue .  Maybe its engrained, maybe all my paintings will always be blue!

Do you notice a colourway seeping into your work every time you paint?


Sue Pownall said...

How lovely - a blue period. I think this blue is different to a while ago when there was more of a dark brooding atmostphere in your sea pictures. These are all very light.

I'm a blue person, my house, my clothes, my paintings, the paintings I buy...

Nancy Van Blaricom said...

Hi Jeanette,

I find I do notice a color theme in other peoples work. Funny when I look at my work I just see 'bold' and 'bright' .... others say, 'soft'. Your blues are beautiful and its a really nice way too group them all together .. such as a theme.

Lisa Le Quelenec said...

I'm definately a blue too from indigo to turquoise to white blues and everything inbetween. There's normally quite a lot of yellow seeps in too. Painting red scares me although I do try to challenge myself. Funnily enough though if I use pastels I seem to be much braver with colour and I'm not sure why.

Jeanette said...

Sue, perhaps the hint of spring here affects my colour choices. I love blue in all forms.

Nancy, its interesting to look at our work and see trends...or is it our style coming through?

Lisa, I think I gravitate towards the aquatic colours in many things, just as you do as our work does tend to be of water predominantly.

Interesting in the pastels, but I find that in each medium, I have my own style, some more freeing than others.

RH Carpenter said...

I told another artist yesterday that if all my colors were taken away from me except all of my blues, I would still be happy - so, yes, blues are it for me and I tend to cool colors in my paintings but do like to add in some warms for contrast. I like your blue paintings - perhaps you are, like Picasso, in your Blue Period?

vivien said...

yes - a look at my work en masse has the same tendency to blue! from subtle blue-green-grey blues to intense turquoise, indigo, ultramarine et al

A second tendency is the complementary (to blue) orange/amber based images.

Lots of blue in my house as well.

Jeanette said...

I can so identify with that Rhonda, so many variations in blues. I think my 'blue period' will continue for some time. :)

Oh yes, Vivien, my other go-to colouragainst the blues are golds/oranges. My favourite Quinacridone Deep Gold. Just heavenly against any blue and seen so often in my gyotaku overlay washes.