Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Study of clematis bowl

I've been in a bit of an artistic slump lately, likely due to the fact that the day job keeps me fully occupied and often spills over into off time, either physically or mentally. Its funny how much mind set and the ability to clear thoughts plays in the act of creating.  At least for me.

I'm also sitting at a crossroad of wondering where I want to take my work.  I've been on the water theme for awhile now, as well as gyotaku and while I do enjoy them, I seem to be void of new ideas around that theme right now.

When ideas fail to materialize, I find it useful to look at other artists' work as well as look at different subject matter.  Reflections are one of the things that draws me to fish and water and the spill over into hard objects such as glass uses all the same principles as does creating water, which is probably why I enjoy it too.

Early this morning I played around with an idea for a new, detailed painting and this is the resulting study.  Rough yes, but the concept is what I was looking for.   This little bowl is a piece made by Maling in the UK between 1934 and 1940 and belonged to my grandmother. Its no more than 3 inches across and the same in height.  The swirls of blue lustre on the inside and the transfer panel of clematis on the outside always fascinated me, but I balked at the idea of painting it because of the detail.  Right now, the detail is what I need to clear my mind.   I put the bowl on top of a little liquor glass to balance and it became the composition without thinking too much more.   Once I find the right lighting and get a drawing in place I'll be on my way.


Christiane Kingsley said...

I retired just over 1.5 years ago, Jeanette, and I remember quite well how difficult it was to clear my mind of work issues to feel really creative. I often had to wait until the weekend to do any serious painting and kept the week for planning, framing, preparing paper etc.

What a darling little bowl. It will make a super painting!

Jeanette said...

Its a real balancing act isn't Christiane? Some weeks work better than others but when the day job is really crazy, it seems to take creativity with it.

I remember this bowl when I was a child and am lucky to have it now. the intense blue lustre may be a challenge to recreate.

Addie Hirschten said...

I agree that I love the theme of reflections on water and you do it well. We all get in a rut sometimes- don't lose heart!

Jeanette said...

Thanks Addie. I know it will pass and the weekend is coming!