Thursday, June 14, 2012

Tapper's Cove complete

I've just finished this painting tonight.  I hoped I'd have it ready to go to the framer with eight (!) others but it will have to wait for the next batch - or a buyer who would like it unframed.  My studio walls are quite bare now - a  good complaint I'm sure, but one that puts pressure on me to produce more.

The water is a myriad of colours of reflected light from above as well as the glow of pale rocks sitting on the ocean floor even if the photograph doesn't do justice to the colours and values here.  The clarity of the water never ceases to amaze me and I should count myself lucky to live in a place where pollution is more the rarity than the norm. The turquoise blues really are that rich in real life and often the water looks tropical instead of being the Atlantic Ocean.  As always, the photograph does not provide justice to viewing a piece in person.

There may be a few tweaks, especially in the forefront timbers of the wharf, before the painting is signed off and ready to go but for now I'm letting it sit.

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